The Filip GPS Watch For Kids

In the world we live in today, unfortunately parents need to be more cautious than ever when it comes to their child’s safety. In the past, children were allowed to ride their bikes to a friends house or travel to the mall without a second thought. Today, gadgets like the Filip GPS Watch for kids are becoming more and more prevalent, and for good reason.

The FILIP is a GPS Watch for Kids

Our friends at The Digital Parenting Blog recently wrote a great review on the Filip, the world’s first locator and smart watch for kids, which you can read at the link above. We will be summarizing the review below.

Features of the Filip GPS Watch for Kids

According to the Digital Parenting Blog, kids will love this GPS watch because it’s fun and colorful, “while parents will love the combination of GPS, Wi-Fi and Cellular technology.”

The Filip Smart Watch is designed for kids, but has many of the same features of a smart phone. According to the Digital Parenting Blog, one great capability of the Filip is one-way texting. This means the watch user can receive text messages from five approved phone numbers, but they can not send text messages themselves, meaning they won’t be spending all day texting friends in school.

“After downloading the Filip app, parents choose and pre-prgram five phone numbers that their children can call. Whether it’s a ride home from school or from the mall, all kids have to do is call one of the five numbers provided with a touch button,” according to the blog.

Another great Filip feature is the child locator. Using the Filip app on a mobile phone, you can see exactly where your child is at all times. Parents can even set up “safe zone” alerts for their children. This means users get a message when their child arrives at a specific location marked as a “safe zone”. Parents can also mark “safe zones” for areas they don’t want their children hanging around, and will receive a message if their kids should venture into these parts.

<H2> How to get the Filip Smart Watch </H2>

The Filip Smart Watch will be available around the holiday season and while an official retail price has not been disclosed as of yet, it’s expected to be less than $200. With the fun and colorful design for children and safety functionality for adults, the Filip Smart Watch is sure to be a big hit this holiday season.

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